Walnuts and Bodytype

On New Year’s full moon, Koreans get up early in the morning and break hard nuts such as walnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, and peanuts by their teeth. This is a traditional ritual called “Bureom”. As they do so, Koreans believe it prevents skin disease; specially, boils. In ancient Korea, boil was a life threatening disease since they were lack of knowledge in hygiene. They believed it made their teeth and skin unbreakable. Boils prevailed mostly among children in ancient because of malnutrition. The ancestors tried feeding them some nutrient food to prevent malnutrition. I like to do this ritual every New Year because I like nuts! Walnut is the most challenging Bureom. I almost broke my teeth when I was young. After that incident, I choose breakable walnuts for my Bureom.

Walnuts and Bodytype

Walnut is a good source of essential fatty acid like the other nut family members. Good for Bodytype with strong liver: Hepatonia, Cholecystonia, Vesicotonia. It is medium for Pancreotonia, Gastrotonia, and Renotonia. Pulmotonia, and Colonotonia must be cautious.

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