Vesicotonia Bodytype

Character of Vesicotonia Body Type (Constitution)

Vesicotonia individuals are susceptible to gastric atony and gastroptosis. They remain healthy if they eat a small amount at each meal; even a normal amount of food for others can be excess for them. For these individuals, the first sign of an unhealthy condition is an uneasy feeling in the stomach. Their feces tend to be mushy, and they are easily exhausted after having diarrhea. All the diseases that are contracted by these individuals start from the right side of their body. Barley and pork are poisonous to them.

Physiology of Vesicotonia Body Type

Constitution (body type) that bladder (kidney) is strong and stomach (pancreas) is weak. Gall bladder (liver) is relatively strong and large intestine (lung) is relatively weak. When you eat cold food, already cold stomach gets even colder causing poor health and anxiety and consequently becomes gastroptosis which is characterized by symptoms of weakness. We recommend not to eat too much and also, to eat warm foods.



Barley, red beans, cucumber, pork, egg, blowfish, all fish and shellfish, persimmon, melon, banana, strawberry, green grape, beer, ice, chocolate, aloe vera, all cold beverages and food, vitamin E, mercury, cigarette, alkaline beverage, hot baths (sauna). Rice, sticky rice, potato, corn, sesame oil, seaweed, kelp, chicken, goat meat, pepper, mustard, cinnamon, red pepper, curry, green onion, ginger, apple, tangerine, orange, tomato, mango, ginseng, jujube, honey, vitamin B group.

* From Dr. Kwon’s Lecture and Note

Additional Information for Vesicotonia Body Type

Note: These are the most outstanding features of each constitution, but the body constitution cannot be determined merely by referring to these guidelines. Must consult with 8Bodytype specialist to determine one’s body type because the environment such as education, family, and society can affect their appearance and personality.

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