Renotonia Bodytype

Character of Renotonia Body Type (Constitution)

Individuals with the renotonia constitution experience habitual constipation. Having bowel movement only once every three to seven days does not cause them any discomfort. Furthermore, throughout their lives these individuals never have diarrhea. The malady that is specific to this constitution is sunstroke, which is rarely experienced by individuals who have other constitutions. Therefore, perspiring is harmful for individuals with the renotonia constitution.

Physiology of Renotonia Body Type

Constitution (body type) that stomach (pancreas) is strong, bladder (kidney) is weak. Large intestine (lung) is relatively strong and gall bladder (liver) is relatively weak. This constitution (body type) is susceptible to digestive disorders due to side effects of medicines and foods. We recommend eating food that is fresh. Alcohol drink and cold bath is very harmful.



Barley, red bean, cucumber, pork, oysters and shellfish, persimmon, melon, watermelon, strawberry, banana, pineapple, beer, ice, and vitamin E, Chinese matrimony vine tea, Aloe Vera, Ganoderma lucidum, mercury, and hot bath (sauna). Brown rice, sticky rice, chicken, goat meat, beef, seaweed, kelp, cinnamon, ginger, onion, mustard, pepper, red pepper, sesame oil, potato, apple, mango, tangerine, orange, tomato, ginseng, honey, dates, and vitamin B group.

*From Dr. Kwon’s Lecture and Note

♥Additional Information for Renotonia Body Type

Note: These are the most outstanding features of each constitution, but the body constitution cannot be determined merely by referring to these guidelines. Must consult with 8Bodytype specialist to determine one’s body type because the environment such as education, family, and society can affect their appearance and personality.

  • Renotonia individuals have a well balanced body shape, looking very stable when they are standing.
  • They seem to have smaller height than other body constitutions
  • They have well shaped buttocks without any effort to make well shaped buttocks
  • They have a nicely tapered face

  • Renotonia individuals are detailed and organized
  • They don’t trust people easily because they have very cautious personality
  • They are precise and meticulous
  • Renotonia constitution people hardly get angry
  • They like to eat slowly because of weak digestive function, but they like to enjoy food

    They prefer hot or warm food rather than cold food.

  • They give much consideration in every decision, highly organized, and perfectionist.
  • They have introverted personality.Therefore, they don’t like complicated, speculative business but prefer business in legal or administrative field
  • Because of a well balanced body, they are successful in gymnasium.

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