Pulmotonia Bodytype

Character of Pulmotonia Body Type (Constitution)

Most medications are not as effective as others for Pulmotonia Body Type and their body suffers after eating meat because their liver is functioning weakly. Therefore, the healthy foods for Pulmotonia Body Type should be vegetables and seafood. The secret to health among this body type is standing a lot of time with back straight. Pulmotonia Body Type must avoid sunbathing and excessive perspiration.

Physiology of Pulmotonia Body Type

Constitution (body type) that lungs (large intestine) are strong and liver (gall bladder) is weak. Pancreas (stomach) is relatively strong and kidneys (bladder) are relatively weak. Due to weak function of the liver, medication is more harmful than its effects and feels very uncomfortable after eating meat. We recommend eating green vegetables and marine fish and always work on a straight spine position. Must avoid sunbathing and sweating.



All kinds of meat, all fresh water fish, coffee and tea, artificial flavoring, soda and flour, sorghum, zucchini, red pepper, garlic, mushrooms, sugar, adlay, and other root vegetables, soybeans, and all nuts, apples, pears, deer antler and all medications, vitamins A B D, alkaline beverage, gold teeth, atropine injection, alcohol and cigarette and hot baths (sauna). All marine fish and shellfish, rice, buckwheat, red bean, green bean, mugwort, cucumber, eggplant, Chinese cabbage, lettuce and other green vegetables, fern, salted fish, dextrose, cocoa, chocolate, banana, strawberry, peach, cherry, persimmon, melon, quince, aloe vera, ice, dextrose injection.

*From Dr. Kown’s Lecture and Note

Additional Information for Pulmotonia Body Type

Note: These are the most outstanding features of each constitution, but the body constitution cannot be determined merely by referring to these guidelines. Must consult with 8Bodytype specialist to determine one’s body type because the environment such as education, family, and society can affect their appearance and personality.

  • Overall, upper part of the body is well developed than lower part
  • Their upper body looks like an inverted triangle
  • They have less perspiration than other constitution when they are healthy

  • Pulmotonia individuals have a strong inspiration power
  • They are creative and innovative
  • Many of them hate secular world when people deceive each other
  • They have the power to foresee the future
  • Even they couldn’t afford to any high level of education, they posses sharp critical thinking skill

They are best fit in jobs such as physicist, doctor, composer, and religious person

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