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8Bodytype Medicine improves immune system

Autoimmune disorders, infections, and incurable syndromes, such as arthritis, lupus, and fibromyalgia can be improved through M.Y. Immunology procedure.

8Bodytype & Immunology

“In order to recover the immune system of human body, it is necessary to regulate the autonomic nervous system.”

The immune system of human body

The skin is a membrane that separates our body from the environment and at the same it is the first line of defense from external pathogenic factors. There is also a similar mechanism to protect the interior of the body which is the immune system. When bacteria or viruses invade the human body, the immune system starts to work right away to eliminate these foreign invaders. The main examples of human body’s immune system are granulocyte and lymphocyte. When foreign substances come into the human body, first the granulocyte is sent to eliminate these substances. The lymphocytes eliminate these foreign substances by using the previously recorded information but if this information is not available then they generate and store this new information before these substances are eliminated.

Vitality of immune system

In order for the immune system to work smoothly, first, the body should be free of inflammation. The immune system runs smoothly when the body is in a balanced state but the inflammation acts as a disturbing factor in this smooth flow. (Note: Inflammation) Second, the autonomic nervous system should be in a stable condition. Autonomic Nervous System literally means that the nerves don’t follow any orders but independently control the body. Within these autonomic nerves, there are parasympathetic nerves and sympathetic nerves which pull and push each other to maintain the body in a balanced state. Among these nerves, the parasympathetic nerves revitalize the lymphocyte and the sympathetic nerves revitalize the granulocyte. Therefore, the stability of the autonomic nerves signifies the revitalization of the immune system.

The treatment of autoimmune disease

In 8 body type constitutional medicine, we use a treatment to restore the body in a stable condition, in order to maintain an active immune system. Among the 8 body type constitution, 4 of them are body type constitution of tense parasympathetic nerves and the other 4 are body type constitution of tense sympathetic nerves. The body type constitution that has tense parasympathetic nerves suppress the tension of parasympathetic nerves and the body type constitution that has tense sympathetic nerves suppress the tension of sympathetic nerves to provide a good environment for immune system in the human body.

8Bodytype Medicine& Inflammation

“The radical reason of disease originates from the inflammation in 8Bodytype Constitutional Medicine.”

Physiology of 8Bodytype Constitutional Medicine

The human body is composed of many cells and organ systems. Among many organ systems the viscera is considered an important basic unit in 8 Body type Constitutional Medicine. Among other organs, especially the so called “Zang” (solid organs) liver • heart • pancreas • lungs • kidneys become the center of the organ system. Mostly, the liver is involved in metabolism and detoxification and the heart is involved in circulation. Also, the pancreas is involved in digestion and the lungs are involved in respiratory system. The kidney is involved in the metabolism of urinary system. The basic human physiology of eating, drinking, breathing and excreting are the function of these five organs. These organs perform their own functions but they have very close relationship with each other because they coexist inside the body (场). They exchange their own substances that they have produced as well as the invisible vitality is exchanged through the flow of meridians. Through this mutual relationship, they help and restrain each other to maintain peace and harmony in the body.

What is Pathology?

When your body is healthy, the mutual interaction between liver • heart • pancreas • lung • kidney is also properly balanced. In other words, the mutual interaction of five viscera must be properly balanced in order to keep your body in a healthy condition. However, eating wrong kinds of foods that are not comparable with your body type and stress can break the balance between liver • heart • pancreas • lung • kidney. If the harmony of mutual interaction is broken, inflammation starts to develop in your body. This is like a principle of the gear, where a tooth of the gear breaks and the gear starts to malfunction. This inflammation could be a very small inflammation not detected by chemical and physical examinations or could be a very severe inflammation. The most common inflammations that we are familiar with are hepatitis and gastritis. (In 8 body type constitutional medicine, hepatitis is considered as an inflammatory disease, instead of a viral disease). If the inflammation is not treated promptly, this could develop into other diseases and especially, inflammation can cause adverse effects on the body’s immune system and the body can be easily exposed to bacterial infections and viral diseases.

Medical treatment of 8Body type Constitutional Medicine

The medical treatment of 8 body type constitutional medicine is rather than to simply treat the inflammation but to treat the cause of the inflammation. This is accomplished by restoring the unbalanced mutual interaction between liver • heart • pancreas • lung • kidney to its original balanced state. In other words, by eliminating the underlying causes of the inflammation, the body will be restored again to its healthy condition.

8Bodytype Treatment

The goal of the treatment for this disease is to raise the immune system back to normal levels by adjusting the 3 imbalanced organs that weakens the immune system. This is accomplished by using the Virus Formula to strengthen the body’s immune system, especially to increase the level of CD4. In addition, the treatment is focused on vitalization of parasympathetic nerves to maintain the overall health of the body and eliminating other infectious diseases by the use of proper combination of other formulas.

                                                                 Treatment Procedure 

Diagnosis;Deciding your body-type among 8 different body types and planning treatment.   2days
  Basic Treatment(10X); 8Bodytype Constitutional Acupuncture utilizes innovative, virtually pain free needling techniques and individualized Acupuncture prescriptions.    5Weeks
  Intermediate Treatment;Acupuncture treatment continues with multiple prescriptions. It can be combined with herbal treatment.    24Weeks
  Advanced Treatment;Intensive treatment with the highest stage prescriptions.    12Weeks
  Stabilizing StageOn-going.Frequency depends on symptoms  

* The duration of treatment may vary depending on the individual.  Its knowledge of Immunology Center is based on 8 Bodytype medicine.

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