Herbal Treatment

In Eight Body-type Medicine acupunctural treatment is accompanied by prescriptions to treat patients; both the acupuncture treatment that is applied and the medication that is prescribed will vary from individual to individual depending on body constitution, even if multiple patients are being treated for the same disease. Conversely, in treating individuals who all have the same Body-type, different herbal treatment methods are applied to treat different diseases. Therefore, herbal treatment in Eight Body-type Medicine is applied according to the foundation of theory that is completely different from that of other existing  traditional Chinese practices.

*8 Body-type acupuncture clinic only uses high quality herbs that imported from clean area of Korea

Herbs that Promotes each Bodytype’s Health

the Chinese Quince, Pseudocydonia sinensis (모과)
Kudzu, Japanese arrowroot, 갈근
Lycium barbarum, 구기자
Astragalus propinquus, huáng qí (yellow leader), 황기

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