Color Therapy
Color has a powerful affection

Various studies have demonstrated that color affects a wide range of psychological and physiological responses. Restaurants often are decorated in red or orange, which are believed to increase appetite and therefore food consumption. Blue surroundings will significantly lower a person’s blood pressure, pulse, and respiration rate. In one experiment, subjects were asked to identify, by taste, ordinary mashed potatoes colored bright green. Because of the disorienting color cues, they could not say what they were eating. And inone California detention center, violent children are routinely placed in an 8-by-4 foot cell painted bubble-gum pink The children relax, become calmer, and often fall asleep within ten minutes. This color has been dubbed “passive pink.” There can be no doubt that color”works” on the human brain and body in powerful ways.

Color is a function of light. It has its own waves like ultraviolet but less.

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