Colonotonia Bodytype

Character of Colonotonia Body Type (Constitution)

This individuals are quick-tempered and experience inertia on the right side of their body when they get angry. They may contract rare diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, from eating too much meat. Their feces are very thin and their bowel movements are generally dissatisfying. Medications, sunbaths, and saunas are not beneficial to them. Swimming is recommended for them.

 Physiology of Colonotonia Body Type

Constitution (body type) that large intestine (lungs) is strong and gall bladder (liver) is weak. Bladder (kidneys) is relatively strong and small intestine (heart) is relatively weak. First, we recommend not to eat any meat; secondly, not to use any drugs and third, to not to get angry. You must be more careful when you experience symptoms of muscle weakness, and always good to keep your body cool.



All kinds of meat, garlic, deer antler, fresh water fish, coffee and tea, artificial flavoring, flour, sorghum, pumpkin, soybean, milk, sugar, adlay, pear, apple, melon, chestnut, pine nut, ginkgo nut and all root vegetables, mushrooms, vitamin A D E, alkali beverage, atropine injection, hot bath (sauna). Buckwheat, rice, dextrose, all marine fish and shellfish, all green vegetable, cucumber, fern, dried seaweed, salted fish, grape, peach, persimmon, cherry, pineapple, strawberry, cocoa, chocolate, acanthopanax, swimming.

-From Dr. Kwon’s Lecture and Note

Additional Information for Colonotoia Body Type

Note: These are the most outstanding features of each constitution, but the body constitution cannot be determined merely by referring to these guidelines. Must consult with 8Bodytype specialist to determine one’s body type because the environment such as education, family, and society can affect their appearance and personality.

Colon appears very large and long by X-Ray observation.

Colonotonia constitution is similar to Renotonia and Vesicotonia constitution; therefore, it is easy to be confused as Renotonia and Vesicotonia constitution.

Unlike Pulmotonia constitution, Colonotonia is more sociable. They like to hang out with friends and love to drink alcohol. Occasionally drinking alcohol relieves their depression; however, alcohol stimulates to eat a lot of meat, also stimulates sexual appetite. This can cause a liver problem, so better not to drink alcohol. But if they must drink, they should try to drink in moderation

Sleep until late morning is Colonotonia’s general life style

When Colonotonia individuals eat lots of meat, they become more aggressive and angry.

They have an insight intuition of the world’s affairs and ambition so a politician is a good match for them. Lots of great politician having excellent ruling skills were Colonotonia. 

Colonotonia have most proper constitution for sports (especially marathon), due to strong lung and weak fire element: body temperature doesn’t go up easily compare to other constitution.

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