Asparagus and Bodytype



I believe asparagus is one of the perfect foods on Earth. It contains many phytochemicals such as asparagine, carotene, flavonoid, and lutein. Asparagine is known as an enzyme that helps break down alcohol. In Korea, there are many drinks containing asparagine which prevent hangover. If you plan to drink a lot, then try asparagus before or during drinking.  Also, it has variety vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, K, and E. Asparagus used to be known as a cousin of onion or garlic but it is separated from that family now. As a medicine, it lowers hypertension and helps urination. Therefore, if you have a swollen symptoms in the morning, try asparagus.  Also, it removes phlegm and nourishes the lungs. Some research said it keeps blood vessels healthy. Wow, isn’t it too much information? Now, you understand why I call it a perfect food. I enjoy asparagus pickle and of course before a party gets started.

Asparagus and Bodytype

I would like to say every Bodytype can eat asparagus since it is almost perfect. But Renotonia, Vesicotonia, and Colonotonia need to be little bit cautious. I believe it is ok to Pulmotonia but not too much consumption. Even though asparagus is not a root, it is fine to Hepatonia and Cholecystonia because it is a stem and nourishes lungs. I would like to recommend this to Pancreotonia and Gastrotonia; specially, those who have diabetes and hypertension.

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