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8Bodytype Acupuncturist

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Biography of Acupuncturist Min-Jae Yi

  •  1999   California State Licensed Acupuncturist
  •  2001   Established Zen Care Center, Founder,  in Irvine and Costa Mesa
  •  2003   Korean military, served as Medic Acupuncturist
  •  2005   Tien-Jin University in China, Stroke Research Center
  •  2006   Sa-Sang Constitutional Medicine Clinic, South Korea
  •  2007   Sa-Am Five Element Acupuncture Clinic, South Korea
  •  2008   Women’s Health Acupuncture Clinic, South Korea
  •  2009   Co-founder of 8Bodytype Acupuncture School, California


Welcome to eMJ Acupuncture Clinic. 8Bodytype represents how I approach to the patients. I have been practicing acupuncture for 14 years. Actually, my experience started even before I graduated acupuncture school. 

When I was young I could have a bigger room than my elder sister’s, even though her voice was bigger than mine. My father is an Oriental Medicine practitioner, so he needs a place to store herbs. It has to be a nice room without humidity. Whenever my family moved into a new house I always claimed that the herbs must be stored in my room. My sister didn’t like the scent of herbs; therefore, she never opposed to my claim. I did really love the scent of herbs. So it was not a big deal for me to have a spacious room. As the scent of herbs soaked into my clothes I was always smell like herbs. Even I loved what I smell like. I believe my journey as an acupuncturist started from that moment. My farther prepared herbal medicines through an old way. He pulled out herbs from the shelves and added it together on white wrapping papers. He made a deck of wraps with strings. I really like when he prepares herbal formulas.

 My father’s back is imprinted in me. Now, I am following my father’s role as an acupuncturist. My father always said, “You have to be a real human being before becoming a good doctor.” I was always looking for the best way to help people from suffering. Through many years of experience I finally have decided to practice 8 Constitutional medicine. I proudly introduce this medicine to our community. 



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