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Welcome to EMJ Acupuncture Clinic.

We believe you are visiting our acupuncture clinic to obtain information: how to optimize your health. If you are still looking for the answer, our acupuncture clinic must be the final destination.  As you explore EMJ Acupuncture clinic, you will find out how unique 8Bodytype Medicine is. There are three most differentiated aspects among many benefits from 8Bodytype Medicine: Painless treatment, powerful effect, and diet regimen. Firstly, 8Bodytype acupuncture uses a specially designed needle case. If you are afraid of traditional Chinese acupuncture with scary needles, 8Bodytype acupuncture must be the treatment that you are looking for. In 8Bodytype acupuncture, the needle does not go into your muscle and stays there, but pokes the specific points. With this method, 8Bodytype acupuncture delivers a powerful influence (vitality) to individual’s viscera. Correcting the excessive improper balance is the key of 8Bodytype acupuncture treatment. At last but not the least, each individual has their own body type regimen. It will advise you how to eat, how to exercise, and how to live. Specially, diet is a first concern in the complex society. We are supposed to consume beneficial food more often to nourish our weak organs. Human body can overcome many diseases through the diet correction. Your body needs a tailored medicine to maximize your health. Yes, EMJ Acupuncture Clinic offers you a comprehensive health solution. Let’s find out your body type.


MINJAE YI, Founder

Practitioner Information

  • 1999   California State Licensed Acupuncturist
  • 2001   Established Zen Care Center, Founder,  in Irvine and Costa Mesa
  • 2003   Korean military, served as Medic Acupuncturist
  • 2005   Tien-Jin University in China, Stroke Research Center
  • 2006   Sa-Sang Constitutional Medicine Clinic, South Korea
  • 2007   Sa-Am Five Element Acupuncture Clinic, South Korea
  • 2008   Women’s Health Acupuncture Clinic, South Korea
  • 2009   Co-founder of 8Bodytype Acupuncture School, California