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Each Bodytype has their own diet and life style plan:8Bodytype regimen. How do we decide which diet or life style is beneficial or harmful to which bodytype? A certain bodytype has its strongest organ and relatively weakest organ. The strongest and weakest organ is the priority to decide the diet and life style. The diet and life style which sedate each Bodytype’s strongest organ and nourish it’s weakest organ are the beneficial regimen. If a diet and life style more sedate weakest organ and tonify strongest organ that would be a harmful regimen.

For example, Hepatonia’s liver is the strongest organ and lung is the weakest. In order to digest meat, the liver must secrete bile. Thus, Hepatonia individuals are able to consume a considerable amount of meat; for the result, the strong liver in Hepatonia can be sedated by digesting meat. Furthermore, the digested nutrient from the meat nourishes the weakest organs such as lungs and large intestine. This is a great mechanism of our body. Eventually, meat is good for Hepatonia since it helps the weakest and sedates the strongest.

Conversely, Pulmotonia individuals have weak liver and gall bladder, strong lungs and large intestine. Due to the weak liver they have a hard time digesting meat; therefore, a vegetarian diet is better for them. Because vegetables supply the nutrients to strengthen the liver and gallbladder.

Ultimately, an individual who has a strong liver and gallbladder, and weak lungs and a colon, must eat meat. An individual who has strong lungs and a colon, and a weak liver and a gall bladder, must eat vegetables.

Moreover, pork usually enhances the function of the urinary organs, and chicken strengthens the digestive organs. Pork is therefore beneficial for the pancreotonia and gastrotonia constitutions, which are characterized by weak urinary organs, and chicken is beneficial for the renotonia and vesicotonia constitutions, which are characterized by weak digestive organs. Also, cabbage, lettuce, and cucumbers are the best foods for pulmotonia and colonotonia, and radishes, carrots, balloon flower, and garlic are the best foods for hepatonia and cholecystonia.

The distinctions between the constitutions make the Eight Constitutions diets indispensable. Witnessing how a proper lifestyle and diet that are according to the Eight Constitutions theory can significantly improve health would discourage anyone from raising any objection to this theory.

. Start your 8Bodytype regimen today and live healthy life.

What should we eat?

What should we eat?

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