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8 (body) Constitutional Medicine * 8Bodytype Acupuncture

Human body is composed up of organs with specific functions. Organs that constitute the body are not equally balanced in strength and power: some organs are stronger and healthier while others are relatively weaker and more fragile.

When all the organs are kept in the natural inborn balance, our body produces the maximum energy and immunity bringing peace to the body functions.

When a strong organ gets too powerful, however, it takes in charge of the rest making weak organs weaker. Then the harmony of the body is broken and weakened organs become susceptible to the attack of a disease.

Besides, our eating habits and lifestyle determine our health. We do not have to be a neurosurgeon to understand garbage in garbage out. When food and care that is against the inborn health of organs and body, in other words, body type, is continued, it is no wonder that we will suffer from diseases and illness. That is why we need a care that fits our body types, Eight Constitutional medicine provides a tailored care according to the body type of a person and thereby enables the treatment that best fits for the patient.

All about the 8 Constitutional Medicine

People are not created equal. We all have distinct personalities and tastes as we all have different blood types, fingerprints and gens. Not surprisingly every person has different predisposition to health and diseases. “Eight Constitutional Medicine” explains that it is because the characteristics of the elements that “constitute” our body are different.

Why some people develop food poisoning while all the others show no response?

Why some people get chubbier despite of hard efforts to lose weight while others seem to enjoy slim figure with no specific efforts?

Why some people more frequently suffer from stomach ache and indigestion than the others?

Why some advanced medical therapies do not work for a certain group of people?

All these questions are answered with “Eight constitutional medicine”. Constitutional medicine takes a different approach depending on the body type of a person, thereby enabling “customized and individualized” care. It is a rapidly spreading field of medicine catching the eyes of people of all races and ages worldwide.

 8 constitutional Medicine Treatment

Similar diseases or symptoms may have totally different causes according to one’s body type. Different diagnosis and treatment are required based on body types. Inherited body types, eating habits, hobbies, or careers are usually main causes of diseases. As such, proper diagnosis based on one’s body types must be considered to treat various types of illnesses.

Usually, human beings are born with a normal state of hereditary imbalance that is appropriate for the individual’s constitution. However, the condition of an individual may deviate from this state and develop into another state in which there exists an excessive degree of imbalance between the organs. It is due to an inappropriate lifestyle that naturally strong organs become overactive, and weak organs are suppressed in function; the result is all kinds of diseases.

The principle of body-type treatment is to restore the state of the body from excessive imbalance between internal organs back to the state of appropriate hereditary imbalance by using meridians as the circulating pathways of vitalities. In Eight body-type Medicine the acupuncture needles are placed in the area that spans from the elbow to the fingers, for the upper part of the body, and in the area that spans from the knee joints to the toes, for the lower part of the body. Needles can be shallowly inserted in these positions, which were chosen in view of the flow of vitalities along the meridian pathways. By manipulating the flow of vitalities in this way, weakened organs can be boosted in function, and overactive organs can be suppressed in function.




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